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Mission and Vision

Mission & Vision

Andrew Jackson Elementary Vision



  • Use Leader In Me language to set goals and track progress on scoreboards 
  • Develop an asset mindset through use of Leader in Me language and goal setting
  • Conduct themselves in a respectful manner and meet school wide expectations 


  • Analyze student learning through a continuous cycle of reflection, action, growth, and celebration. 
  • Cultivate teacher self-efficacy through professional learning, collaboration, and shared leadership
  • Collective commitments will drive educator accountability with application of new learning supported by instructional faculty meetings, collaborations, and PLCs. 

School Structures

  • Consistent high expectations school wide will be displayed and modeled by the adults in the building
  • Provide opportunities for students emotional support by: 
    • Offering regular counseling lessons
    • Check-in/Check-out (access to behavior interventionist to help learn to regulate emotions)
    • Daily class meetings
    • Use of Leader in Me Curriculum
    • On-site therapist
  • Maintain a school-wide schedule to implement a guaranteed and viable curriculum to maximize student outcomes
    • Common grade level plannings
    • PLCs that are data driven and focused on student work
    • Use of various data points to support and drive decision making 

Parents & Community

  • Advocate appropriately for students through communication and with understanding of students’ data and growth (various data points)
  • Participate in conferences and be informed of student progress
  • Feel welcomed as value and vital members of the school community