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Jackson Elementary is one KCS school that participates in the Universal Breakfast program. This is a reminder that all Jackson Braves can eat breakfast for free on any given day. 
Healthy School Snacks
Schools can play a major role in helping students become fit, healthy and ready to learn. One way to accomplish this is for foods offered in schools to support lesson learned in the classroom regarding nutrition and physical activity. What better venue than schools-which have a great impact on children-to support the message that proper nutrition and physical activity are a key part of a healthy lifestyle? School activities, as well as cafeterias, vending machines, and after-school events, offer opportunities for schools to reinforce the message that making healthy food choices and being physically active means a healthier body and a sharper mind. Please see the list of recommended healthy food snacks below. 
Reminders for Morning Student Arrival (7:30-8:15) and Afternoon Dismissal
*Jackson Street doors open for STUDENTS at 7:30
*Do not use the Stone Drive parking lot for student drop-off, prior to 8:15. This area is designated for Jackson faculty parking and bus drop-off only. If you need to see the school nurse or speak to a school official, you may park in VISITOR parking and enter the main doors on the Stone Drive side of the building.
*Jackson Street is to be used for student drop-off. Do NOT park on Jackson Street. If you or your child need to: finish breakfast or have a lengthy good-bye, park at Lifebridge Church and direct your child to the crossing guard. Remember, during morning drop-off and afternoon dismissal, Jackson Street is a one-way street.
*Always use the marked crosswalks. Do not walk across any road that is not a crosswalk.
*If your child arrives after 8:15, please park in VISITOR parking and walk your child to the main office to obtain a tardy slip. If the Jackson Street gate is closed, the tardy bell has rung or getting ready to ring!
*If your child is a car rider, please use Jackson Street as your pick-up area. Do not park and get out of your car. If your child is a walker, you are permitted to park at the Lifebridge Church parking lot and wait for your child there. Car riders are: students who will be picked up in the Jackson Street car line. Walkers are: students who walk HOME or walk to meet an adult at a pre-designated area off of school grounds. Two examples for parent parking and waiting are Lifebridge Church and Krav-Ma-Ga parking lots. Parents will not be permitted to wait on the playground after school. Please be patient during the first few weeks of school as students and families practice these safety procedures.
*The parking lot on the Stone Drive side of the building is designated for Jackson staff members only. If you must pick up your child early, park in VISITOR parking and go to the main office.