ATTN: KCS Families, Students, and Community

We want our students safe and healthy; to do so, we need the support of our families and the community to battle underage vaping.
In recent months, KCS and the Kingsport Police Department have seen an alarming increase in the use of vaping devices by children, pre-teens, and teens both in school and in the community. Multiple KCS students have required medical treatment in response to vaping, with some students transported to area hospitals for emergency care.
Often, our youth are unknowingly consuming substances that contain dangerous chemicals and while KCS has not yet dealt directly with Fentanyl-laced devices, this dangerous synthetic drug is in our community. With any vaping device, it is impossible to definitively know what substance is being consumed. Please know that ingestion of only a small amount of Fentanyl can result in a fatal overdose.
KCS families and community leaders, please discuss the dangers of vaping and consuming chemicals and other substances with your child(ren) and the youth you engage with.
To help support these conversations, click here for resources regarding the dangers of vaping.