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Jackson Journal


Homeroom News and Events
-You should have received a letter asking for you to send a baby picture of your kiddo to school to be included in the graduation video. Please send these in as soon as possible.
-TN Ready Testing begins April 15th! Monday the 15th will be the writing assessment, followed by Literacy on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We will be out of school Friday, April 19th. Testing will resume on Monday the 22nd with Science, followed by Math on Tuesday and Wednesday. PLEASE help your student to remember to get ALOT of sleep and eat well throughout these two weeks. The McLambs have been working SO HARD these past months and I want to see them do their very best. MOST IMPORTANTLY I want them to realize that while we want to show off how much we have grown, these are just tests and do not define us. I am so very proud of each and every one of your kiddos and their best is all I hope for. <3
-5th Grade Graduation May 22nd at 10:30am. There will bean awards ceremony BEFORE graduation (9:30) in homeroom. One "Save the Date" has already been sent home by students, More information will follow. 
Past News 
-Please help us by encouraging your kiddo to bring their computers to school charged each day.
Leader Of The Week Board
Week One-Tyler Zaborski  Tyler showed care and concern for a classmate who was injured and went out of his way to help her.
Week Two-Jeremiah Jones Jeremiah is always kind, respectful, and on task in all that he does. He is a true leader.
Week Three-Ki-Eema Marcus Ki-Eema is a true example of leadership. She is always proactive in her actions and words and is a role model for her fellow classmates.
Week Four-Bailee Menendez Bailee is new to Jackson and the 8 Habits but has already master Habit 1-Be Proactive. This week she remained proactive in the midst of reactive behavior.
Week Five-Stephen Harris Stephen is ALWAYS a leader! He thinks Win-Win in all he does and leads by example. 
Week Six- Savannah Hutson Savannah is always proactive and is kind to all she meets. 
Week Seven-Brooklyn Johnson Brooklyn shows leadership, not only among 5th graders, but throughout the school. Her smile and positive attitude are always present. 
Week Eight-Kierra Marshall Kierra takes hard situations in stride and strives to be positive and mature no matter what is happening. 
Week Nine-Jaycee Crawford Jaycee works hard at everything she does and gives her best effort. She is an inspiration!
Week Ten-Ayden Jimenez Ayden has a true growth mindset! He has been on fire in academics, growing more on his test than any other student. 
Week Eleven-Brinley Gent Brinley truly embodies the habit "Find Your Voice"! He is completely and totally himself and we all adore him for it. 
Week Twelve-Madison Collier  Madison SYNERGIZES with everyone! Not only is this one of our 8 Habits, but it also makes our class family run so much more smoothly. 
Week Thirteen-Melody Coleman Melody always puts her best effort into being proactive in the way that she speak and acts. We have seen her grow in this already this year! 
Week Fourteen-FALL BREAK
Week Fifteen-Bentley Hilton I am particularly proud of Bentley for using Habit 8, Find Your Voice. Bentley always tells the truth, is always respectful...even when angry, and has grown so much in speaking up and sharing his thoughts. He is also an AMAZING friend to everyone and especially to his "bruders."
Week Sixteen-Chelleigh Norris Chelleigh has been so very proactive in her words and deeds! She also has been putting first things first in both math and literacy class. She is a hard worker and I am very proud of her!
Week Seventeen-Miss (Adrianna) Allison  Miss Allison has been doing an AMAZING job putting first things first and completing her work. She has been focused and on task and it is showing more and more. 
Week Eighteen-Miss Savannah Hutson Savannah was voted as Leader of the Week by her classmates who cited her hard work, kindness, and integrity as reasons that she deserved this week's honor.
Week Nineteen-Miss Melody Coleman Melody has taken it upon herself to tutor other students this week. She was first asked to explain something that she found easy. From that point on, she simply volunteered her free time to explain and re-explain concepts to struggling classmates. She was truly Thinking Win Win this week!
Week Twenty-Brinley Gent Brinley is our class comedian, but Brinley has gotten very good at Putting First Things First and getting his work done BEFORE making us laugh. :) We love Brinley and love that he is faithful to do his personal best work at all times. 
Week 21-Jeremiah Jones  Jeremiah could truly be Leader of the Week every week. He is a wonderful friend to his classmates, a diligent student, a leader throughout our school. This week he serves as Leader of the Week because he simply never quits. If things are difficult for him, he simply asks for help and perseveres. This is a true leader. 
Week 22-Ki-Eema Marcus  Ki-Eema earned leader of the week this week for her ability to remain proactive, even when others around her are acting reactively. 
Week 23-Jaycee Crawford Jaycee was voted LOW by her fellow McLambs who said, "Jaycee always tries her best and does all that she is supposed to. She has integrity.". <3  This is true and very well deserved. 
Week 24-Bailee Menendez Bailee was voted as Leader of the Week by her peers because, ..."she is always a treasure to have." Bailee is a wonderful friend and student. 
Week 25-Sierra Westmoreland  Sierra is new to the McLambs but you would never know it! She fits just like she has ben with us all year and she brightens every one of our days. 
Next week we will be doing some very light activities in literacy block since kiddos will be testing all week in science and math. 
Social Studies
None. Testing for science and math this week.