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5th Grade News
-The week of March 1st, we will be F2F Monday-Thursday and will be virtual on Friday, March 5th. 
-Benchmark #3 is coming up March 1st-4th!!! Literacy will be tested Monday and Tuesday and Math will be tested Wednesday and Thursday. This is our LAST benchmark to gauge where we are and what we need to do before 5th grade TNReady in April! We have been working so very hard at GROWING this year and have made huge strides (AND hit our achievement goals last benchmark...the ONLY 5th grade to do so in literacy in the ENTIRE DISTRICT for that benchmark!). PLEASE help us achieve our growth goals by making sure your student gets lots of sleep and is on time every day. All Benchmark tests must be made up, so being tardy or absent means your kiddo may have to take more than one of these tests a day. 
- YAY FOR ARIYAH!! Check it out and follow us on Twitter at the handle
-Please click the Jackson Journal link above. These are sent out school wide every Thursday on Jackson Elementary Class Dojo. 
-If your student is learning virtually please be aware that ALL literacy content for each day is loaded on the Lamb Literacy Canvas page. ALL students who have been in literacy class for more than a week have been trained to use Canvas!  There are detailed instructions, assignments, and videos loaded for each day of the week and linked under "Learn" (green button) at the bottom of my Bitmoji "Home" page. Please message me on Dojo or email me with any questions you or your student has. Students can email me directly from the Canvas course. I will answer emails and texts as quickly as I am able between teaching in person classes. Students ARE expected to login and complete each day's assignments and they WILL be graded! The only exceptions to this are if your student is home sick (not simply distance learning for the week) or if your student was only in the face to face classroom for a week or less. PLEASE reach out to me with any needs, concerns, or questions. <3
Old News
-Families, PLEASE, PLEASE help me to help your student wear their face mask properly! A lot of kiddos are wearing it correctly, but MANY are taking it off (some frequently) and MANY are wearing it only on their mouth and not on their noses. All students and adults are REQUIRED to have face masks on at all times unless they are eating breakfast or lunch, or (kids only) if they are playing at recess. This is a non-negotiable. I do not want to resort to writing referrals and calling home for not wearing face masks, but that is where we are quickly headed with a few 5th graders. Please believe me, I KNOW how difficult it is to wear one all day and I feel for our students, but I must enforce this mandate for the safety of all concerned. Please speak to your student about this and please let me know if I can help in getting more face masks or a face mask that will stay on. I appreciate your help so much. I couldn't do it without you. <3
Jackson Daily Schedule
-7:30am Jackson Doors Open
-8:30am Tardy Bell
-3:30      Walker/Car Dismissal
**Please remember, only TRUE WALKERS are dismissed through the walkers gate! Parents may not wait for walkers in the church parking lot or on Donelson Dr.! Anyone leaving in a car MUST go through the car line on Jackson St. 
-3:35      Bus Dismissal
-Masks are required 
-students bring all school supplies on the 1st day. We will NOT be using community supplies this year, so students will bring home any extra they have and then can just bring items in as needed. 
-students will bring computers on the 1st day and then MUST leave computers at school! At the elementary level, computers remain at school except in cases of virtual learning. 
-On my Canvas Bitmoji Home Page, I have added a pile of books to the classroom floor (I promise that makes sense if you go to my home page). If students click those books, it will take them to Jackson's library page. Here Mrs. Golden has lots of links for kiddos to read online. They can even checkout e books on Overdrive (Sora). That link is also above and to the right below the YouTube links.
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This Week In Literacy...
This week we will TAKE BENCHY 3.0 (what we call the Benchmark test. ;) and will begin continue Unit 8 which focusses on poetry. Poetry is typically very difficult for students. We will be focusing on text structure, theme, and use of figurative language and tone. In small group work we will also continue to work on summary, supporting our answers with evidence, and on identifying central idea.
<3, Mrs. Lamb (Sarah)
Leader Of The Week Board
Ireland Robins for "Put(ting) First Things First!" ! 
De'Vaun Hardy-for improving on "Be Proactive"!
Millie Chang-yen and Mikaela Pyatte-for "Think Win-Win" in regards to a new student feeling welcome.